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Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation helps cover costs related to work injuries, including ambulance rides, medication, and physical therapy.

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    Worker’s Compensation

    Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical and wage benefits to people who are injured or become ill at work.

    Keep Yourself and Employees Protected

    Workers’ compensation insurance is vital to protect your business. It can cover injuries or illnesses when they occur as a result of duties performed on the job or while at work. Some of the injuries that could be covered include injuries caused by lifting heavy equipment, slipping on a wet surface, or injuries because of fires or explosions. Protect your business from a lawsuit and your employees from loss of income.

    Plan Benefits

    We assist our clients with such cost reduction and experience modification management strategies as:

    • Utilization of a user-friendly claims management system
    • Creation of a return-to-work program to limit employee time away from work and reduce hidden costs
    • Implementation of safety meetings and other strategies to prevent incidents and reduce injuries
    • Timely management of claims and open reserves

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Trick question – every business does. Many business owners feel that if their employees are independent contractors because they get 1099’s instead of W-2’s. This does NOT matter. What matters is whether they do this type of work for anyone else (like a contractor who has their own insurance, vehicle, and tools), and the issue of “control” where the employer tells them how and when to do their job.

    Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay for medical expenses and partial lost wages resulting from a work-related injury or illness. In the event of a fatality, it also pays death benefits.

    Every case is different. Your total workers’ compensation benefits will depend on the severity of your injury, your average wage, your medical expenses and the time you are away from work.