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General Liability

We help small business owners and contractors to get the coverage they need with a general liability insurance quote.

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    General Liability Insurance

    This liability insurance provides coverage that helps protect your small business from claims that come from your normal business operations.

    Looking for general liability insurance cover?

    Are you a business owner looking for General Liability Insurance? Our agency has you covered. It only takes one claim to financial cripple your business, so it’s important that you have adequate coverage from a highly rated carrier.

    At it’s core, General Liability Insurance (a.k.a. CGL for Commercial General Liability) is the most basic form of commercial liability coverage. If you own a business, having General Liability coverage is not optional — it’s mandatory.

    We represent a wide range of General Liability Insurance companies and can help pair your business type with the best possible provider and pricing.

    Plan Benefits

    Our commercial liability insurance is the solution your business needs when faced with expensive claims, court costs, attorney fees, and other financial consequences of a suit. Just one case could decimate your profits and put your company under. Unfortunately, you could be sued for plenty of different reasons, some of which may seem to border on ridiculous. Some common motives are:

    • Slander
    • Libel
    • Negligence
    • Personal injury
    • Advertising mistakes
    • Faulty products

    The amount of scenarios that could put you in complex legal situations is limitless. A solid, comprehensive policy is the best form of preemptive defense. If you’re a business professional looking to stick around for the long term, professional liability is well worth looking into.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    You are not required by law to purchase general liability insurance. However, many of the people you do business with will likely have general liability insurance requirements written into contracts. That means you may need a policy if you want to sign a commercial lease or a client contract. Proof of general liability coverage is also required to apply for certain professional licenses.

    To make a general liability claim, simply call your insurance provider. Your agent will ask you to provide a description of the incident and basic information such as your name, the business name, and your policy number. Your insurance agent can guide you through the process and provide answers to any additional questions.

    General liability insurance mainly covers bodily injury to people outside of your business and physical damage to their property. A few exceptions to this principle include data loss and reputation damage (for example, if one of your business’ staff members defames a client). It’s important to note that general liability coverage doesn’t apply to cases where you are sued for giving inadequate professional advice.