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Coastal Homeowner

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    Bluewater Insurance Coverage

    Coastal Homeowner Insurance

    Do you live along the ocean? You need special insurance for your home. However, this also includes homes a few miles inland, because they face the some of the same risks, like high winds and flooding.

    Why Coastal Homeowners Insurance Solutions?

    Owning your own piece of beach heaven is a dream come true for so many homeowners. But with that dream comes the reality of hurricanes, floods, storms, and other coastal hazards. To help protect your home (and your assets), you want to make sure you have appropriate homeowners insurance coverage that is specialized for coastal areas.

    It’s true—insurance companies across the country are feeling the pain that results from significant losses, due to the frequency and severity of coastal storms. Insuring shore-side properties can be a complicated process. To be sufficiently protected against all possible risks, several insurance endorsements may be required—so where do you even begin?

    Luckily for you, we specialize in helping coastal homeowners find the distinct coverage they need for their shoreline homes. We have the skilled expertise and knowledge needed to accurately assess your risks exposures and help you craft the perfect coverage plan—one that genuinely matches your unique property’s needs.

    Why Use Bluewater Coastal Home Insurance?

    We’ll put together a custom Coastal Property Insurance plan just for you, with options that include:

    • Coverage for standard Home Insurance risks such as fire, theft and liability.
    • Flood, storm and hurricane endorsements or separate policies, even for waterfront properties.
    • Full replacement value both for structures and personal property.
    • Liability protection.
    • Deductibles to suit your budget

    And, if the worst happens, we will be right here to help you with your Coastal Homeowners Insurance claim and make sure your interests are properly protected.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Do you live along the ocean? You need special insurance for your home. However, this also includes homes a few miles inland, because they face some of the same risks like high winds and flooding. In fact, if a hurricane were to coast, storm surge could come in a long ways.

    Not just houses need this kind of insurance. Other homes like condos and vacation homes also require this special protection.

    Coastal homes have greater exposures, which is why they often require additional coverage beyond what comes with a standard home insurance policy. Specifically, insurance policies for coastal homes can include separate wind, named-storm, and hurricane deductibles.

    Multiple factors could influence the cost of your home insurance, including:

    • The value of the home
    • The home’s location
    • Your credit score
    • Security features in the home

    Our agents are committed to helping clients get the customized coastal home policies that are perfect for them. That’s why we’ll work one-on-one with you to determine the best ways to get your home the coverage it deserves at prices you can afford.