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Whether you lease, finance, or own an automobile, it is mandatory to have car insurance.

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    Automobile Insurance

    Coverage for motorized land vehicles (e.g., passenger type automobiles, golf carts, pickups, vans, trucks and motorcycles). The coverage can include loss or damage to the vehicle itself (evaluated at replacement or repair damage cost, actual cash value, or agreed value).

    Affordable Auto Insurance On And Off The Road.

    Having proper Auto Insurance ensures your independence behind the wheel. From accidents and injuries, theft, or hit-and-runs, it’s important to keep your car insured so you’re prepared when accidents do happen.

    We combine premium Auto Insurance with personalized service to give you the best coverage possible. Our insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to find a policy that keeps you and your drivers protected at all costs – for peace-of-mind driving assurance.

    Why Auto Insurance?

    If you’re involved in an accident without car insurance, you could be looking at high out-of-pocket costs, injury liability – even serious legal issues.

    Keeping your vehicle insured is the law. It is also the responsible thing to do. It’s an essential financial decision that you can’t drive without. Auto Insurance helps to reduce or cover property damage costs, as well as help you with replacement parts for your car that were damaged as the result of an accident, cover medical expenses from injuries, help with road-side assistance, and much more. Since policies vary with protection options, it’s important to talk to a specialist at Bluewater Insurance to create a policy that insures your needs.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Auto insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company where you pay a monthly premium in return for financial protection in the event of a vehicle-related accident or property damage.

    If you’re involved in an accident, and a vehicle (either your own or someone else’s) sustains damage covered by your policy, you can make a car insurance claim immediately. Depending on your insurer, this can be done online or over the phone. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, it’s important you still get in contact with your carrier so they can deal with the other person’s insurance provider.

    It can cover you if you cause bodily injury in an accident or if you damage property or another vehicle. If you opt for a higher level of coverage, you may also be covered for the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle as a result of collisions, fire, theft, and weather events. Most policies will vary in coverage (and price), which is why it’s important to review your options carefully.